3D Crystal Portrait is an incredible way to preserve a special memory. This unique process transforms photographs into intricate laser-etched crystal keepsakes.

The engraving is extremely accurate and detail-rich. We recommend using photos of people with straight-on front views or full side views to avoid engraving shadows. The result is an attention-stealing piece of art that makes a stunning personalised gift or award.

Product Features

If you’re looking for a gift to capture and encapsulate a special memory for someone you love, consider giving them this 3D Crystal Portrait. They will surely cherish it as a beautiful keepsake and ornament.

These high quality 3D photos are laser etched into a crystal photo cube or rectangle and can be personalised with a short inscription. They make a gorgeous ornament or keepsake and also make beautiful gifts.

The company screens every photo to ensure it will translate well into a 3D crystal and then uses state-of-the-art conversion software to create a digital model of the image. They then plot light points and etch the image into the surface of the crystal at varying depths to produce a truly stunning three-dimensional effect.

The smaller photo crystal cubes can accommodate up to one pet or person while the larger rectangular ones can take up to four subjects. For the best results, choose a front facing photo with good contrast and resolution. Partial side-on views and photographs taken from above the subject may not look great and should be avoided where possible.

Product Details

3D Crystal Portraits are a great way to show your loved ones how much you care. They can be engraved with any picture and name, making them a very classy and aesthetic gift to give someone. It is also an ideal alternative to engraving tattoos on the skin, as it looks more elegant and will last much longer.

The etching process uses the latest 3D programming PCL software to create a lifelike impression of your favorite photograph or pet. When viewed from different angles, the subject(s) will seem to come out of the crystal and look like they are floating above it. To avoid engraving shadows, we recommend choosing photos with a straight-on front view (ideally showing the chin and neck – see lower left image below) or full side views.

These personalized photo crystals are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, including rectangle, heart-shaped, and cube shaped. They can be paired with a LED light base for an added touch of elegance that will illuminate the photo and make it sparkle even more.

Product Options

We take a flat, one-dimensional photo and create an amazing 3D rendering of it laser etched into this glistening optical crystal cube. It is a classy, eye-catching piece that is the perfect way to commemorate a person’s achievements and accomplishments in life. It can be displayed on a desk, mantle or decor shelf to remind them of the positive impact they have made on others.

Engrave a special message in the base of this piece to complete the gift. You can also add a LED light base to illuminate the 3D engraving and make it really stand out on display.

A great gift for someone on their birthday, holiday or wedding anniversary. It is the perfect way to show them how much you care and that your love for them will last forever. It also makes a great corporate gift for employee recognition, promotional paperweights and event mementos. Enclose a picture of a loved one or group of friends inside a 3D photo crystal to make the illusion even more real for an impressive and unforgettable gift.

Product FAQ

If you are ordering a portrait style photo crystal for people or animals please make sure that the photographs will fill your chosen crystal shape. This will avoid the appearance of engraving shadows at the bottom or sides of the image. It is also better to use straight-on front views of people or animals rather than partial side on views (ie a head and shoulder view) where possible.

When selecting your photos it is important to remember that laser etching is 2D and not 3D. Therefore you need to decide what size of head portrait you wish your finished crystal to be (head only, head and shoulders or 3/4 body). The smaller the area reserved for heads the less detail there will be in facial features.

To improve the appearance of your final engravings we use HD Edge(tm). This combines both artificial intelligence and manual editing techniques to brighten dark areas and reduce the impact of especially bright portions in the photograph.