Fume Extra Disposable Vape Review

Fume Extra is a pre-filled disposable pod vape with dependable battery performance (850mah) and more than 1500 puffs. It offers a variety of super-rich flavors and a smooth hit. It is also an excellent device to help you quit smoking.

Moreover, this small and lightweight device has a sleek design and fits comfortably in your pocket. It’s a great option for beginners looking for a convenient and discreet alternative to smoking.

Easy to use

Fume Extra disposable vapes are easy to use and maintain. They come pre-filled with e-liquid that has 5% nicotine salts, so you can start vaping right away. The battery lasts long, and the flavor is rich and tasty. It’s a great choice for beginners or people who want to try different flavors.

The Fume Extra non-rechargeable device has a 5ml tank and an 850 mAh battery, which means you can vape it for days. It provides three times more liquid and battery life than the average disposable pod. There are a number of different flavors to choose from, including tropical fruits and ice flavors. It also has a Cuban tobacco option for people who are transitioning from cigarettes.

The Fume Ultra is the next model in the Fume lineup, and it has a larger capacity. The device is slim and portable, making it easier to carry around. It’s available in a variety of different flavors, and the battery has enough power to deliver up to 2,500 puffs.

Long battery life

Fume Extra Disposable Vape is a long-lasting and powerful device with many great flavors. It features a powerful battery that can generate more than 1500 hits. It is also very easy to use. It is one of the most popular disposable e-cigarettes on the market.

The vapor production of Fume Extra is high and smooth. The device has a built-in mesh coil for increased flavor clarity and vapor production. It also has a preheat function that heats the coil when it’s activated.

The Fume Extra disposable is one of the most popular pre-filled vaporizers on the market. It comes with a 5ml bottle of e-liquid and an 850mah battery, which will provide you with more than 1500 puffs. The device is also portable and can be used while on the go. It is available in a variety of different flavors, including the popular iced tobacco flavor. It also offers a wide selection of fruit flavors.

Variety of flavors

FUME’s disposable vape line comes in five different flavors. The Mini has the smallest capacity and contains the lowest amount of nicotine, while the Ultra and the Infinity have the highest concentrations. The device is easy to use, with a draw-activated firing mechanism. It also has a long battery life, with up to 3500 puffs.

All of Fume’s devices have a high-quality e-liquid with 5% salt nicotine, which is the same as in cigarettes. This means that each puff you take will deliver a consistent level of nicotine. Unlike cigarettes, however, Fume’s disposable vapes are free of secondhand smoke and other negative issues.

There are a variety of flavor options available for the Fume Extra, including minty and fruity flavors. Some of these are flavored with ice, which adds a coolness to the experience. For example, the Fume Infinity Blueberry Mint flavor tastes just like a refreshing mint chocolate bar. It also has a hint of citrus that gives it a bright flavor.


Unlike cigarettes, Fume Extras release vapor instead of smoke, making them much less offensive to people who don’t want to be exposed to secondhand smoke. They are also smaller and more discreet, making them easy to carry in a coat pocket or handbag. They are also odor free and don’t require any cleaning or refilling.

Fume has a large online community that discusses favorite flavors, types of models, and more. Its users share their experiences and tips to help other users. These discussions are very helpful for newcomers to the vaping world.

The Fume Extra is the smallest disposable vape from Fume. It features an 850 mAh battery that can deliver over 1,500 puffs, which is enough for the average pack-a-day smoker to last a week. The device is pre-filled with e-liquid and has a 5% nicotine level. The Fume Ultra is the next step up from the Extra and has a slightly larger tank capacity.