Fume disposable vapes are a great way to replace traditional cigarettes without the hassle of buying, refilling and charging separate batteries and cartridges. They also come in a wide variety of flavors.

These devices are a great option for people trying to quit smoking. They also have a 5% nicotine concentration, which is less than the amount of nicotine you would get from a traditional cigarette.

Pina Colada

Using a futuristic design with no buttons to press, fumedisposablevapes.com is easy to use and last for days. They’re also a good alternative to smoking tobacco and other potentially hazardous substances.

The Pina Colada e-liquid by Fume is a mouthwatering concoction that combines the tropical taste of pineapple with creamy coconut and a hint of ice for a taste sensation that’s hard to beat.

It’s not uncommon to see this flavor featured on the top ten list of best-selling Fume vapes, so if you’re looking for a fruity treat that will satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your puffs under control, Pina Colada is a worthy addition to your collection. And the best part is, you can find it for less at Fat Puff Wholesale!

Banana Ice

Whether you’re looking to chill out on a hot summer day or just want to enjoy a fresh fruit-filled snack, Banana Ice by Fume is a flavor that you can’t go wrong with. It combines a ripe banana with a refreshing mint for an unforgettable experience you’ll never forget.

It’s not only a delicious flavor but it’s also one of the most powerful disposable vape devices around. This is because it is designed to last you longer and has an incredibly strong battery.

Pink Lemonade

Pink Lemonade by Fume is a sweet, sour, and refreshing take on a classic summer drink. This flavor has a light, custardy sweetness that is perfectly balanced by a strong kick of menthol.

The perfect blend of tangy pineapple and creamy coconut, this flavor is sure to soothe your cravings! This is a great choice for those who are looking for a new flavor to add to their collection.

Like all FUME disposable vapes, this flavor comes pre-charged and already filled with juice, so it’s ready to use as soon as you open the box. It also comes with a powerful 850mAh battery and quiet draw technology, so it won’t fumble around in your pocket or hand.

Black Ice

Varieties of Flavors

Fume is a popular disposable vape brand that offers a wide variety of flavors and long-lasting battery life. The company’s disposable vape pens feature a patented medical-grade technology and come in several different models.

The Fume Extra Disposable Vape Pen is one of the most popular choices among vapers because it is compact, durable and provides a smooth draw every time. It holds 5ml of e-liquid and has an 850mah battery, providing up to 1500+ puffs.

Melon Lush Ice by Fume is a cool citrus sensation infused with juicy watermelons and crisp cantaloupes. This flavor also has a hint of menthol, so it’s sure to refresh your taste buds and get your mouth watering instantly.

Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy is one of the most coveted vape flavors and Fume delivers this sweet treat in their branded disposables. Available in both Fume Ultra and Fume Extra, this flavor is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Unlike regular kits, disposables have their cotton wicks pre-soaked in E-Liquid and remove all the variableities of wattage, resistance coils and airflow which can alter the flavour.

There are a few reasons why disposables taste better than other e-cigarettes; primarily because the cotton wicks have been pre-soaked in E-Liquid, often containing nicotine salts. The device is also designed to be a single-use product with the sole aim of delivering flavour and nicotine with each puff.